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A person will need a prescription if taking Adderall. This is an appetite suppressant and helps when a person is trying to lose weight. It does come with side effects and when a person wants to take a medication that is different, it's always best to ask his doctor if he thinks that would be the right medication for him to have. Trying to do this without a prescription can hurt the body in many ways. The patient needs to take care of himself and not add to other problems that can occur by taking Adderall without script.


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If ordering Adderall without script online is something that the patient would want to do, how is this all trusted? How can people know that this is the same drug that they ordered and take it? The person selling it online might add a few more ingredients to it and then what happens? It's always best being careful and not order Adderall without script and without the doctor's okay.

This is a drug that is only prescribed by a doctor and to get Adderall without script online and it's illegal if there is not prescription. The patient has to ask the doctor if this pill will be okay to take and if it can help them. The doctor should write a prescription for it and it will most likely be cheaper as well.

There are side effects, precautions and drug interactions that the patient would need to know about before taking this appetite suppressant. If the patient feels that he needs it, he'll need to go to his doctor and do it the right way so that when he's are on Adderall, the doctor will be able to check him from month to month to make sure it's agreeing with him and that he's able to continue to take it without complications.

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